The Funniest Things Bekah Said – 2012

January 2012


February 2012

We were sitting at the table eating lunch (Lily was having puffs) and I (Beth) thought Rebekah needed some extra attention so I began complimenting her. “It’s so nice to have you around all the time. You’re so considerate. You’re so pretty.” etc. At the first pause she said, “Tell me all about it, mom!”
My mini me =)

March 2012

Bekah: Daddy’s being too paxtful.
Beth: Paxtful?
Bekah: La (Yeah).
Beth: I don’t know what that means. Do you have another word to explain it?
Bekah: It’s just a saying, Mom.
Beth: Oh. Ok.
Bekah: It’s when I’m needing a hug, and he hugs me.
Micah: Now I’m waxing eloquent. Bekah, can you say that?
Bekah: Waxing wacky-wonk!
“I used to bounce a ball when I was a kid…when I was three.”
“I don’t want to be re-ponsible.”
Later… “I need to go lay on my bed and just get my attitude better for a little bit, and then I’ll come back out.”

April 2012

“There was a bug and it landed on my toast, and it flew in my mouth, and it was biting my teeth…Mommy, I don’t like bugs going on my toast.”

May 2012

“Can I have some papet toiler?”
“That’s a lot of moises. That’s too many moises.” – about Lily who kept saying, “Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya.”
Dad: Bekah, go hold Apple (the cat) like a baby.
Bekah: I can’t hold her like a baby, because that doesn’t make sense!

June 2012

“Mommy, I want to ask Marmie to send some rings from her store. Not the Wal-Mart. The one — it doesn’t have a kitchen. It doesn’t have food. It doesn’t have groceries. Her store.”

July 2012

“Mommy, does you have curly hair? I see some curlies in Daddy’s”
“Are we going to ride in the alligator (elevator)?”

August 2012

“If we have a gray cat, I will name it mustache.”

September 2012

“Marmie has a bathroom in her room. It has a guitar in it.”
“When Zoe gets older she will have a circle head.”
“Does strawberry yogurt have strawberries in it? Does ‘nilla yogurt have ‘nillas in it?”
I (Beth) overheard Bekah say to Lilian while they were both playing in Bekah’s room, “I like playing with you Lilian.”
“Mommy, what’s a sigma?” – when we were singing the Greek alphabet.

October 2012

Oct 2
“When I was asleep I couldn’t keep my eyes open, because they were too closey. But then I went into the living room, and then I could.”

Lilian tickling Clover with her pink pig-a-wig
Lilian tickling Clover with her pink pig-a-wig

November 2012

“Lilian thinks we’re having a CHEESE party instead of a TEA party.”
“Mommy, I want to tell you a joke that was in Robin Hood!”
She gets off the couch and stands with her hands folded as if she’s going to recite something.
“He snatched his underwear!”
“My favorite food is candy and treats and squash and pumpkin.”
“Is daddy’s chili CRAZY hot?”

December 2012

“That sounded like ‘cheeto.’ That’s a kind of leopard.”
I (Beth) had just told her I killed a mosquito.
Bekah saw one of the SOTB students with a large red belt on her dress. She went up to her and asked, “Why are you wearing a seatbelt?!”
“Is it Christmas after my nap?” – She said this after every nap for about two weeks. :o)

Tell us in the comments something funny your child said!

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  1. This is quite fantastic. I had a good belly-laugh over a few of Bekah’s quotes!! :D I’m going to have to remember to record what my kids say when I have them someday. :)

  2. Adelaide was spending the night with Gigi last night (her grandma). She woke in the middle of the night. After entertaining her for a little while, Gigi told Adelaide, “It’s time to go back to sleep now.” After several minutes of a good honest attempt at sleep, Adelaide says, “I need something else to do.”

    “More chemistry? … More chemistry? … More chemistry, dada!”
    What Adelaide says when we drive through downtown Granville, where the streets were lined with Christmas trees.

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