graphic design slowing you down? – part 2

I was turning on my computer and just remembered one of the biggest computer speed suckers.  If your computer is normally fast enough but crazy slow when you start up PhotoShop or the Gimp, I have a possible fix for you.

Downsize your fonts and brushes.

Extra fonts and brushes are speed suckers. My next goal for speeding up my computer is to downsize. I have 629 fonts and 140 PhotoShop brush sets. That’s stupid. Some of you may have more. The reality is that about half of my brushes are never used, because they are lame or low resolution. As for fonts, well…hehe. I probably use about twenty of the 629.

So here is the action plan. Go to Control Panel. Then on the left select Classic View. A folder called Fonts will appear. Go through there and delete the fonts that you don’t ever use. Be sure to leave Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial, Tahoma, Trebuchet, MS Sans, Lucida and the Courier fonts. If you don’t have those your basic programs and websites will look weird. Go ahead and delete Comic Sans.

The next action to take only applies if you have added a bunch of brushes. If you have go to My Computer, then C: drive, then Program Files, then Adobe, then PhotoShop, then Presets, and finally Brushes. Delete any of those that you don’t need.

If the fonts or brushes were free you can get them again if you ever happen to need them. The other option is to move all of these files to another folder or a separate hard drive. Then you have a backup in case something goes wrong. Cutting down on these things will make start up crazy fast. The fonts thing will actually speed up your whole computer, not just your graphics programs.

If you missed part 1 of this click HERE. It has way more tips to speed up your computer.

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