Spring 2013

blockFAM“Thank you for teaching me computer Greeklish grammar. (And also about the Character of God. And to not be a punk.) I’m sitting here crying over the way Jesus still washed Judas’ feet even though He knew (Pluperfect Active Indicative) WCR that this MOT was//delivering/betraying/delivering up// him and yet, Jesus still washed his feet. (John 13:11) Even though Judas was definitely not meeting the conditions of relationship in that moment, Jesus still loved him deeply. And so, thank you, for spending so many mornings at 7:45 giving me the tools that made this moment possible.”  – Kati Rose, SOTB alumni

We are so blessed to be a part of a ministry that changes lives.Our students just returned from a week long outreach. They preached, taught, prayed and evangelized. It’s always an exciting time for us in School of the Bible, because we get to see the students grow and step out into their callings.  Below are highlights from a few students.

Richard and Leo both went to Houston but with separate teams. Richard’s team worked mostly in a Salvation Army drug rehab, and Leo’s worked in a Nepali community. Leo is one of several foreigners we have in the school. All of these students spoke of how God used them incredibly in spite of the major language barriers. Our God will have His way! He will respond to anyone who asks.

We had another team join with lots of staff from the other departments of YWAM Tyler. They went to Austin, TX to do mostly street evangelism and prayer during the South By South West art and music festival. This status was just after the first week. I heard this morning that these numbers were even higher. God is doing great things!

New England Update:

Not much has changed here. We are still working towards the vision, and our team is bigger! If we total up everyone who is either committed full time or loosely interested (but almost serious) we are at about 12 people. This is huge. Please be praying for this vision to come into fruition. 



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