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Movin’ On Up!!! To The North East…

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New England Outreach

Snow White and Doc McStuffins!

One night, as I was driving up a long mountain road to speak at a Bible study, I felt impressed to pray for God to send out people who weren’t planning on coming but needed to hear from Him. The sky was ominous, and if I didn’t have responsibilities I would have stayed home. We prayed and worshiped God inviting Him to speak to us. I spoke a message on repentance and submitting to the Lordship of Jesus. [click here to read about Lordship] A few minutes into this, another man joined us. He shared later that he was going to stay home but felt like he should come. At the end, our whole group (locals and missionaries) moved into a time of openness and surrender to God. This man spoke to God with such honesty, “God I’ve been in rebellion. Would you take me back? I surrender to you.”

Our team spent the month of July in New Hampshire and Vermont. We had several opportunities to preach, teach, and lead worship. We also ran a super hero themed vacation Bible school where we taught kids about God’s beautiful character!

One of our students, Mark, is from a nation closed to the Gospel. He shared a story of God’s providence. As he was preparing to come to School of the Bible his final step was to get a visa to come to the United States. He knew he didn’t have a good chance, but he prayed, “God if you want me to go make the worker smile at me when I go in. Then I will know I will get the visa.” As he walked into the room the man was smiling so wide it shocked him. He asked Mark very little and then asked, “How long are you wanting to be in America?” Mark told him hesitantly, “One year.” The man stamped his paper and said, “You can have five years!” Mark is such a joy to have and is constantly challenging me to walk in real faith through his testimonies of persecution and the true cost of being a disciple of Jesus in his country.

God has a heart for every nation. When He has people who are willing, He makes a way.

aaryn“Before SOTB a lot of what I believed was just repeated information from other people. I believed things simply because it’s what I’ve always been told. School of the Bible is giving me the foundation to stand on my faith from personal revelation and truth.” – Aaryn (SOTB 2013)

YWAM Upper Valley Update

Our hearts are full. We have been officially released to move to New Hampshire next Summer! So here it is, all of the hints and guesses are finally happening. We will be leaving Texas after this current School of the Bible in July 2014. Our team is now made up of seven absolutely committed staff and several more in the deciding/praying category. Our goal is to have somewhere between fifteen and twenty people when we really launch into ministry.

BINGO2What will Youth With A Mission look like in New England?

We will hit the ground running with evening and weekend teaching seminars open to the community, worship and intercession for the region and recruiting and planning for our first major endeavor – a Discipleship Training School. This is an introductory school into YWAM. It is five months devoted to learning and understanding who God is and who people are in Him. It consists of three months of lectures on foundational topics such as, Hearing God’s voice, Intercession, Biblical worldview, relationships, spiritual warfare, Lordship, The Father heart of God, creation, and sexual restoration. This is followed by two months of outreach to a foreign country or stateside, where students will be given the chance to put into practice what they learned during their lecture phase. This phase generally includes mercy ministries and evangelism.

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