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swallowing the impossible pill

I recently started an herbal detox program. This was not for drugs or alcohol. Don’t get excited. I was all excited until I opened the box. If you read the post title you can probably guess what I found. GIANT PILLS!  I had to take TEN giant pills five times a day and two more for dessert. And by “giant pills” I mean the standard size vitamin pill which to me is giant. I struggle with the small ibuprofen pills — well, I should say that I used to struggle with pills. If you are still reading, you either love me or have the same problem.

I was about to spend half an hour googling for tips on swallowing pills. I thought that surely someone would have a magic trick that would solve all of my problems. The answer was, “Yes, but don’t call me ‘Surely!'” Here’s the deal. Before starting the Google process I decided to ask my wife how she did it. She could probably swallow five large pills in one gulp. She said, “I don’t do anything different. I just take them.” I pressed for more, “yeah, but how do you take them?” She told me. I said, “OHHHHH…really? Duh!”

It changed my life.

I started doing the Beth Pill Taking Method, and I am now five days and about 220 pills into my herbal detox. I have only struggled with about two or three of the pills. Not one landed on the floor like they used to.

Here’s how it works.

1. Hold your head level, chin parallel with the ground, staring forward.

This is the most important change for me, but I’ll include the rest in case it will help you.

2. Put the pill in your mouth at least half-way back.

My wife jerks her head back with one shake to push the pill farther back. I find that too hard to accomplish.

3. Put the water in your mouth and drink – WITHOUT tilting your head back.

The pill will straighten itself out and slide down with hardly a bump. Most of the time now I don’t even notice it.

I hope this helps you. If it does, please comment, and let me know!