The Intercession of Moses

I titled this “The Intercession of Moses” because I’m not sure if you write “Moses’ Intercession” or “Moses’s Intercession.” =)

Another teacher in the school I work with showed me this revelation. Exodus 32 tells the story of when God was going to destroy Israel. They would have been the third people group ever destroyed by God. Moses intercedes, and God spares them. Why did God spare them? Was it because Moses outsmarted God or got him trapped in a legal catch 22?

No. God was able to spare Israel on the basis of the character of Moses, not the intelligence of Moses. Moses didn’t say anything that God didn’t know. What Moses did was pass a character test. He showed by being willing to go to Hell that Israel might be saved that he was fit to lead the people. God saw hope for Israel, because He had a leader who loved like He did. Israel could still be persuaded to choose right.

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